2016 Super Bowl Ads – Part 2: Cute and Fuzzy Wins Us Over

Super Bowl ads are known for playing up our emotions, especially the ones that feature adorable animals. A few brands made the strategic move to include animals in their commercials, and in turn, made us say “awww.” Below are comments from RLF employees who couldn’t resist the cuteness in this year’s ads.


Michelle Rash, Vice President of Financial & Professional Services Brands

Favorite ad: Marmot – “Love the Outside”

 My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was “Love the Outside,” a commercial by outdoor clothing and camping gear supplier Marmot. In the commercial, a man who is camping wakes up to find an actual marmot camping next to him; they have the same tent and the same jacket and quickly become fast friends spending the day together in the great outdoors.
While I am not an outdoor enthusiast and may never buy Marmot products, I am a sucker for any commercial with a cute animal, and this commercial definitely delivered. It was found funny, entertaining and a great way to remember the brand if I ever do find myself in need of camping equipment.

Kat Pallotta, Communications Intern

Favorite ad: Heinz – “Weiner Stampede”
Any commercial with cute dogs is sure to be a fan favorite. This year, Heinz Ketchup used this to its advantage by featuring hundreds of wiener dogs dressed in hotdog costumes racing toward a variety of Heinz condiments. This commercial launched Heinz’s #MeetTheKethchups campaign that promotes its extended product line, including flavored ketchups, mustards, and barbecue sauces. Numerous fans used this hashtag when sharing their positive reactions to this cute and fun advertisement.

Carolyn Kuzmin, Communications Manager

Favorite ad: Heinz – “Weiner Stampede”
My favorite was also Heniz’s “Weiner Stampede.” I’m a sucker for dogs – and weiner dogs dressed in hot dog suits? What could possibly be better or cuter. The ad itself is absurd enough to be memorable but not too over-the-top strange. In my opinion, it has everything you could want in an ad: humor, entertainment and most importantly, dogs.