4 Ways to Prepare for Instagram’s Upcoming Algorithm

By Kat Pallotta
Instagram currently boasts more than 400 million active users. As of now, users view posts in chronological order. However, in the next few months Instagram plans to integrate an algorithm that predicts which photos users will “like” based on relationships with other users, timing, and interactions, including likes and comments. These photos will appear higher in feeds instead of chronologically.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has been using a similar algorithm for its feed since 2009. Despite this, some Instagram users are still worried that their followers might not see as many of their posts as they would like.
Although Instagram has not announced a release date for this new algorithm, here are some tips to help keep your Instagram presence strong when it does happen:

  1. Make your content stand out: The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes per day using the app. To ensure your followers continue to interact with your posts, make your posts aesthetically pleasing, relevant and unique. This way, instead of your posts getting lost in your followers’ feeds, they will catch their attention immediately.
  1. Drive engagement: Instagram posts that include another handle in the caption, at least one hashtag, or a geotagged location are shown to receive higher amounts of engagement. Since a key component of the new algorithm is interactions, this will encourage your followers to continue to like and comment on your posts so that they appear at the top of their feeds. 
  1. Try new things (like video): Testing out a new Instagram feature could help your brand’s presence. For example, try Instagram’s Boomerang app that allows you to capture a 1-second video loop. Recently, Instagram also added the ability for users to post videos that last up to 60 seconds, a significant increase from the previous limit of 15 seconds. Don’t be afraid to try these new video features, as they may end up being very successful for your company.
  1. Turn on notifications: Instagram now gives users the option to turn on notifications so that they can see certain posts. If you are extremely concerned that users will not see your posts with this new algorithm, you could ask your followers to turn on post notifications for your account. However, if your followers are already engaging and interacting with your posts, I would not worry about this!