Camp Corral

Camp Corral

– Social Media


Camp Corral, a nonprofit offering summer camps for children of wounded, disabled or fallen military service members, engaged RLF to create and manage content for its social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.


After conducting extensive competitor research and completing an audit on the organization’s existing social media presence, RLF developed a strategy aimed at building the Camp Corral brand and increasing engagement with current and potential camper families, supporters and donors. RLF created interesting and relevant content specifically designed to facilitate engagement and increase reach, including: military- and camp-related articles, camper family testimonials, inspiring quotes, contests, and photos and videos from recent camp sessions.


Over the course of a summer, RLF increased Camp Corral’s Facebook fans by 43 percent and Twitter followers by 227 percent. Additional engagement resulted in significantly more likes, comments and shares on Facebook, and more retweets, mentions and favorites on Twitter.