Engagement marketing

If you have seen RLF’s brochure or website, there is a quirky sentence that seems to capture people’s attention. And I am glad it does, because that is why we put it there.
“Ingenuity has a color.” That sentence, combined with the picture of my bare feet, has generated quite a few conversations over the past few months. And that was the point.
Most of us are exposed to hundreds or thousands (depending on which sources you believe) of marketing messages each day. And most of us are pretty good at ignoring those messages.
Effective marketing – whether it comes through a news article, a collateral piece, a TV commercial or a website – is engaging. It’s designed to provoke questions and conversations, and ultimately bring brand and customer home.
Not every conversation I’ve had in the last few months will turn into a new client, but every conversation helps get people a little more engaged with RLF, and gives me a chance to tell people how we help companies that are industry leaders, or have the courage to become industry leaders.
This is also how we think about helping our clients. How can the public relations, collateral, advertising, marketing and other services we provide help them engage their customers? What message will help our clients start new dialogues with their customers, colleagues and industries?
For us, it’s “Ingenuity has a color.” And that color for us, is orange. Vividly rich, bold and a yard off the beaten path of corporate colors. We picked orange so we would stand out from the crowd, and show our clients that we could help them stand out too.