When clients engage us, we play to win. We go “all in” to help outmaneuver and outperform the competition and propel our clients to leadership in their respective industries.

Sometimes that entails fully integrated campaigns. Often it is a series of coordinated projects. In every instance, RLF evaluates the value of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned channels to move companies forward, generate results and build brand equity. We also have extensive expertise in helping clients navigate crisis situations that threaten their reputation, operations or business interests.

With every new client engagement, RLF deploys our proprietary “Orange Path” process to ensure every base is covered. RaLF keeps a vigilant watch on the process.


Over the past 14 years, RLF has honed a proprietary process for ensuring communications campaigns are insightful, focused and effective. While timing and depth vary based on specific client situations, there are 6 core Orange Path steps:


Before we can move forward, we have to understand where we have been and the current lay of the land. Guided by an Orange Index checklist, we analyze existing materials such as brand standards, marketing collateral, internal and external communications tools, news coverage and social media channels. We conduct competitor and peer benchmarking and define key audiences. Our objective is to understand our client’s business and industry as well as they do.


The step involves clarifying goals and objectives for what “success” looks like in 6 months, one year and three years. We conduct one-on-one interviews with internal and external stakeholders, conduct surveys and lead focus groups to gather qualitative and quantitative insights.


Taking insights and data from the first two steps, we generate ideas and recommendations to create a comprehensive communications strategy designed to reach your objectives. We nail down positioning, define differentiation from competitors and test assumptions within our team and with the client.


When the foundation is solid, we shape the messaging, tactics and creative concepts that will cut through clutter and generate results. This stage involves close collaboration between us and the client to incorporate feedback, polish ideas and finalize details.


Even the best strategies are meaningless if they cannot be flawlessly executed. We roll up our sleeves and dive into the work.


We have the ability to deploy multiple measurement techniques to evaluate effectiveness and impact. Real time data helps us make course corrections, test new approaches and more effectively deploy resources.

We invite you to learn more about the Orange Path and how it can be deployed to help your organization achieve its unique goals and objectives.