Fall Intern Spotlight: Danielle Boniche

For college students, finding the perfect internship – one that allows them to successfully contribute to a company while also expanding their skills – can be tough. Yet, it’s important for public relations and communications students to learn a variety of skills, from media relations and social media management to design and advertising, to set them apart from their peers.
RLF offers comprehensive spring, summer and fall internships designed to prepare students for careers in public relations, marketing and advertising. Interns gain hands-on experience by working with seasoned professionals and practicing skills learned in the classroom.
This fall, we welcome back two interns from our summer program, Adam Bowers and Hannah Nelson, as well as two new interns, Danielle Boniche and Brittany Melvin.
Danielle Boniche

I am a senior at Elon University and am originally from Trumbull, Conn. At Elon, I am majoring in strategic communications with an emphasis in public relations, and minoring in international studies.
What is your dream job?
I am really passionate about helping others and the concept of community development. I would love to do public relations work for a nonprofit community development-based group or integrate the skills I have learned into a project overseas.
What is your favorite book?
A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.
How did you spend your summer?
This past summer was the busiest summer of my life. I returned from a semester abroad in Australia in late June and then spent two weeks in West Virginia volunteering with the Appalachia Service Project.
What is a fun fact about you?
I have traveled to three continents in the past year (Africa, Australia and North America)!
What is your favorite part of being an intern at RLF so far? 
My first two weeks at RLF have been amazing. This is my first time working in an agency and I have already learned so much. I have the opportunity to improve different skill sets and contribute my own ideas. Right now, I am developing ways to promote a new movie coming out, which is really exciting.
Follow Danielle online at @dboniche.
Stay tuned tomorrow to meet our other new fall intern, Brittany Melvin!
To apply for an internship at RLF, please send cover letters, resumes and writing samples to interns@rlfcommunications.com.