History in the Making: How Brands Showed That #lovewins

By Amanda Garrity
imagesThe world was exceptionally colorful on Friday, June 26. From Twitter feeds to the illuminated White House, everyone was buzzing about the historic Supreme Court ruling, which made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.
Responding to current events, especially ones with international news coverage and online engagement, is a great way for brands to showcase timeliness and relevance. It can also bring added attention to their brand and gets people talking, a win in the world of public relations.
The following four brands captured our interest (and hearts) by the way they uniquely and creatively showed their support of the Supreme Court’s decision.


Over the years, YouTube has been a safe haven for many LGBT people. With popular YouTube personalities like Tyler Oakley and Ingrid Nilsen providing a voice for the gay community, the younger generation has turned to this website for guidance, support and acceptance. So leave it to YouTube, the hub of all things video, to produce a heartfelt video showing this community that they are loved and heard. This #ProudtoLove video tells the whole story: the uneasiness, the struggle and the triumph.

Ben & Jerry’s

One of America’s most-loved ice cream brands is changing its image from the best post-breakup binging treat to a dessert fit for a celebration. In response to the Supreme Court ruling, Ben & Jerry’s announced that it was renaming its famed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to “I Dough, I Dough” in participating ice cream shops nationwide. With the launch of a new product, Ben & Jerry’s showed its support went beyond a just photo on social media, but was Instead at the heart of its business.


Mastercard’s reaction on Friday was #priceless. This company continued its Priceless Surprises campaign by bringing attention to a gay couple who could now have a priceless moment. On Twitter, Mastercard shared a proposal video that stirred up emotions among its users. By proclaiming that nothing is as priceless as true love, MasterCard showed why they have been on top of the game for so long; it cares about its customers.


Facebook launched a feature called “Let’s Celebrate Pride” that provided users the option to add a rainbow filter on their profile picture to show public support for marriage equality. The White House and Huffington Post are just some of the major brands that vamped up their avatar, with 26 million other users joining in.
It is apparent that brands have power. When they speak out in response to major events, their brand is put at the forefront of consumers’ minds. However, it is critical that brands stay true to their core values and beliefs – and be prepared for consumer backlash if they take on a controversial subject. Each brand shows its support in a different way, but it’s the support itself that can make all the difference.