Snapchat: It’s Not Just for Millennials (Anymore)

By Julia Lescarbeau
While it can’t be denied that the majority of Snapchat users are millennials, many businesses and organizations are using the trendy media platform to their advantage. Snapchat allows users to be live, be present and share experiences with friends, followers and brands. With that in mind, advertising with Snapchat has proven to be incredibly effective, particularly when directed toward users ages 13-34.

Many brands, organizations and businesses utilize Geofilters to engage audiences. Geofilters are not accessed through friend lists on Snapchat, but rather are available to users based on their location. Users can design and submit “Community Geofilters” to promote their city, educational institution or cause. “On-Demand Geofilters” are developed and paid for by businesses to promote events or their specific organization. These filters have become very popular among a diverse range of brands and have been prevalent throughout the current presidential election. This social tool has led to significant growth in brand recognition and audience engagement – so don’t hesitate to get on board!
Here are a few examples of successful Geofilter uses:

These brands created exciting Geofilters for Snapchatters to use, promoting their brand while engaging with a large audience!
Many organizations also use Geofilters to help raise awareness about a cause:

Local artists can also create Geofilters that really capture the feel of their city. (This photo is coming to you LIVE from the intern desk at RLF Communications!)

Key Takeaway: Don’t fear Snapchat. It’s a fun, inexpensive and easy way to reach and interact with your audience. Even if you aren’t using the app for marketing purposes, make sure you still snap and swipe right to check out any cool Geofilters available that day!