Summer Intern Spotlight – Bennett Marlow

By Madison Croxson
As the summer season rages on at RLF and new projects emerge daily, we are grateful to have our innovative, hardworking interns on hand. They have now reached the midway point of the internship program, and we have enjoyed watching them sharpen their skills and become more entwined in our company culture.
Each of our interns has the opportunity to work in different disciplines on a variety of client accounts. Learn more about them and their experience thus far at RLF in our 2017 Intern Spotlight Summer Series.
Our second featured intern of the summer is Bennett Marlow.
“I’m a junior at North Carolina State University and I’m majoring in communications with a concentration in media. I’ve lived in Greensboro my whole life and I love dinosaurs.”

What is your dream job?
My dream job would be managing the social media pages for multiple companies. I would like to promote, advertise, or manage social media for clients looking to get their voices heard. I’ve always loved Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so I would like to pursue a job that utilizes these apps.
What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?
My favorite genre of music is alternative, so definitely something from that variety. One of my favorite bands, Vinyl Theatre, has a song called “Shine On” that I like to jam out to in the shower. There’s a solid chance that anyone reading this has no idea what this song is, but it’s a head banger and I recommend you listen to it.
What made you want to work at RLF/How did you find out about RLF?
While exploring possible internships for the summer, what caught my eye about RLF was the meaning of the name. Saying you want to be respected, liked, and feared definitely gave me the vibe that this place meant business. I heard about RLF from my mother who has helped them with media buying.
What is your favorite trip you’ve ever taken and why?
My favorite trip I’ve ever taken is when I went to France my sophomore year of high school. This is the only time I’ve ever been out of the country and it was just overall a really cool experience. We had some major flight issues, but that just made the trip even more memorable.
Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m no superstar, but I can play tennis and the bass guitar. I started playing bass in middle school and tennis in 4th grade. I played tennis all 4 years of high school and play the bass every so often around the house.
What does success look like to you?
Success to me is being the best at your job, having a beneficial relationship with everyone around you, being happy with what you do, making a lot of money, and having a strong social life outside of work. Successful people know how to manage work, relationships, and personal time.
What are your favorite things about the RLF office?
The layout of the office is the coolest room I’ve ever seen in my life. It is very unique and almost doesn’t feel like an office. Monty brings in his dogs a lot and they are super fluffy and adorable. Everybody is laid back and supportive, so the environment is always pleasant.
If you, or someone you know would be a dynamic fit with our team, consider applying for our Fall 2017 internship program. Send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to