Super Bowl Ads Continue to Generate Laughs

While many of this year’s Super Bowl ads seemed to take a much more serious tone, there were also several lighthearted commercials in the bunch. Here is a look at some of our favorite of the funny.

David French, vice president, client strategy & service

Favorite commercial: Brady Bunch “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” by Snickers

Thoughts: Snickers still satisfies with “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Anyone who’s a Brady Bunch fan will remember the Marcia-gets-hit-in-the-nose episode, but a Son of Anarchy is totally over the top! And Steve Buscemi giving us poor, middle child Jan was priceless.

Michelle Rash, vice president, financial & professional services brands

Favorite commercial: “First Draft Ever” by Avocados from Mexico

Thoughts: There were 15 first-time advertisers in the 2015 Super Bowl, including Avocados from Mexico, an organization promoting the sale of – you guessed it – avocados from Mexico. The ad depicts countries having a draft about 4 billion years ago to see where the various plants and animals would live. Despite the polar bear’s best hopes, Mexico chooses the avocado as its first pick.
I thought this ad was creative and applied some out-of-the-box thinking to something that most of us don’t give a lot of thought to – where our avocados come from. It was also very entertaining to see the animals react to where they were assigned. But I think the reason I most liked this ad was because it is from an organization that you don’t typically expect to see advertising in the Super Bowl and it really showed a big (and costly – an estimated $4.5 million for a 30 second ad) leap of faith for Avocados from Mexico to use this platform to reach its audience. While not an avocado fan myself, I hope they reap the rewards of taking this risk.

Carolyn Kuzmin, intern

Favorite commercial: “The Perfect Getaway” by Kia

Thoughts: Car commercials are often unmemorable and overdone with excessive speed and stunts. This one, though, takes on a new approach to poke fun at this excess. It is a spoof, not only of action movies, but also of the typical over-the-top Super Bowl commercial. I thought it was a fun and different idea that brought a dose of reality to contrast Kia’s past outlandish hamster commercials. It also didn’t hurt to have Pierce Brosnan as the commercial’s celebrity face!